K12 Bully Prevention

By empowering students with an anti-bullying mobile app, we help them participate in protecting their school, their friends, and their peers.
Education Mobile Apps

School Safety

As mobile technology becomes accessible to the whole world, there is no better place for leverage than in the classroom. Software and intuitive technologies help students get the most out of their education.
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Safety First

Enabling students to regularly engage in media-rich experiences enhances engagement, thereby increasing overall education and retention. This level of curated learning has never been more accessible to students and educators.

Stop Bullying

The value of education apps on a digital device is that it provides built in metrics to visibly demonstrate progress. While tests are supposed to be a reflection of true progress, they reflect a binge and purge of information, which is not necessarily an accurate assessment.

Notify School Staff

Some children are better at visual learning, some auditory, and some hands-on. Education apps cover all three channels in one step. By providing an engaging hands-on, visual, and auditory learning environment, students of all dispositions can learn and choose to communicate in the way that best suites them.

Empowering Teachers Through Mobility

Teachers have a hard enough time as it is with grading papers, preparing lessons, and bringing a good attitude to the table everyday. It can be very challenging. What education apps have the ability to do is allow the teacher to stay in the moment, with their class, while still being able to track to a very granular level each student’s behavior, abilities, and progress on a consistent basis, providing a wealth of historical information that is easy to access through intuitive dashboards. This can turn a decent teacher into an excellent teacher by making it easier for him or her to tailor their teaching style to each students’ educational needs.
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Revolutionizing Private and Public School Systems

Currently 600 school districts in the United States have iPads for their students and teachers. This is a revolution we are experiencing in 2014 and beyond. It is amazing how a piece of hardware can provide learning intelligence to educators through powerful education apps, ulitmately leading the way in enhancing classroom education and creating a 21st Century learning environment.
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Overcoming Autism in the Classroom

Autism affects 1 out of every 50 children in the US, and is forcing teachers to rethink their approach in the classroom. Having custom-made tools allows teachers to address these students’ needs in ways that they simply cannot provide themselves; this allows autistic students to excel while still keeping the entire class on track with their curriculum and timeline.
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