Database Design

We provide the back-end platform, including database design and hosting services.
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Full Stack Development

Have an idea for a groundbreaking app or looking into putting an app together? Before you break ground consider the foundation, the backend that will support the unlimited functionality expected in today’s market. The backend is the entirety of the data that a mobile or web application needs to perform. When combined with an API the backend data is used to complete the application experience. Backend as a service specifically address the needs of cloud computing developers.
Backend as a service 2

Hosting and Cloud Storage.All Your Data Stored In One Place

Backend as a service is a model for creating and maintaining the services that support mobile and web applications. These applications need backend services to store data, code, and interact with social platforms. Backend as a service solutions ensure that developers stay focused on frontend development instead spending time with wasteful backend redevelopment. GroMobi streamlines the process of creating and maintaining a backend. We eliminate the hassle of selecting a technology stack, writing the supporting code, configuring and customizing, securing and scaling on demand—all necessary components of backend development.
Backend as a service 3

Managed Service Provider

We can take care of a whole host of IT services for you including hosting, back-up and recovery, data storage, and encryption. The new world of big data lends itself to the need to have a MSP to take care of the array of services necessary to run a 21s century business. We take care of you every step of the way with 24/7 customer support available and immediate attention to your every need.
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BYOD Support.Every User Is Important

Backend as a service with GroMobi ensures constant integration cross platform. Clients are able to interact with customers across every Android, HTML5 and iOS device. These backend services are interchangeable and customized to fit each and every data solution by creating unified APIs and Software development kits (SDK).
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API Design.
Your Data Architecture

Simply put, APIs power partnerships. APIs allow businesses to work together in ways not possible before. The first way is through a process called unlimited distribution. Competitive advantage depends on the connection between customers, suppliers and partners. APIs allow businesses to reach customers every time a service is relevant and targets customers in every app that they use. Modern APIs act as a business integration solution. They remove friction in relationships and efficiently distribute work between teams. APIs act as a relay between company resources and those of their affiliates.
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