Recycling 3D Printer Uses Plastic Bottles in Filament Cartridges

Posted by chad on December 10, 2014

New 3D Printer with Eco Friendly Focus A new 3D printer championed by pop artist uses recycled plastic bottles in its filament cartridges. This Stark Trek reminiscent printer will be available by the end of 2014, and is set to cost around $1,200. What new printing technology are you excited to see? Gizmodo: “The Read More

Online Educational Video Platform, eduCanon

Posted by chad on August 19, 2014

Online Educational Video Platform Developed by a former Teach for America employee, eduCanon is an online learning platform that utilizes videos to enhance education. eduCanon describes themselves as “an online learning environment to create and share interactive video lessons. Teachers begin with any YouTube, Vimeo, or TeacherTube video content (screencasts, Khan Academy, Minute Physics, TED, Read More

The Newseum Launches a Digital Classroom

Posted by chad on August 6, 2014

Online Learning Modules from The Newseum Supported by the Newseum Institute, the Newseum Digital Classroom is a new platform for teachers to use in history lessons and online learning. The content is focused on three areas: Women’s Suffrage, the First Amendment and its applications through history, and social media’s influence on the 2012 elections. Each Read More

Futuristic Bike Prototype Comes to Oregon

Posted by chad on July 29, 2014

The Newest Addition to the Prototype Bike Gang Biking has been a popular form of transportation since its introduction to Europe in the 19th century. Today, a team of bicycle designers at Teague has created a futuristic prototype bike. Sporting features such as automatic gear shifting, pedaling assistance with a small on-board motor, and break Read More

Indian Company Unveils Smart Shoes

Posted by chad on July 24, 2014

Put A Little Buzz in Your Step India may not be able to get Google’s new smart glasses yet, but they will have access to a different wearable: smart shoes. These shoes, developed by Ducere Technologies Pvt., connect with a user’s phone to give directions. Directions are given by vibrations in either the left or Read More

New Security App Sends Self-Destructing Files

Posted by chad on July 23, 2014

Your File, Should You Choose to Read It… A new security app, Digify, allows users to send self-destructing files. With security being a large focus in the news today, it is lucrative to look for more ways to protect ones files. This app gives the user a time limit to view the item, as well Read More

StubHub Customers Latest Victims of Fraud

Posted by chad on

Hackers Bought Your Tickets to the Game Online ticket selling company, StubHub, was recently the target of internet fraud. Over 1000 StubHub customer accounts were compromised and used for the purchase of tickets. The San Francisco based company (owned by eBay) claims that the breach occurred through other websites, where clients’ information was gathered through Read More

Starbucks Unveiling Mobile Ordering

Posted by chad on

Coffee To Go, On The Go Starbucks is planning to unveil preorder functionality on its mobile app later this year at an unknown location. Following what seems to be a popular franchise trend, Starbucks is attempting to perfect the process of mobile preordering before bringing the feature to the public as a whole. Are you Read More

MIT Researchers Charge Phone With Dew

Posted by chad on July 17, 2014

Using Water To Charge Your Mobile Device Charging your phone has become increasing interesting over the past few years, from regular plug and go chargers to wireless chargers. Now, researchers from MIT have unveiled a way to charge your phone using the power of dew. Yes, dew. According to the researchers, droplets formed between copper Read More

Microsoft Scraps Future Nokia Android Phones

Posted by chad on

Microsoft Setting a Future Focus on Windows Phones Not too long ago, Microsoft announced its plans for the Nokia X2, an android phone. After the release of this phone, Microsoft has now decided to halt the creation of new android phones and focus instead on creating Windows phones. Though they still plan to support their Read More

New App Tracks Item Pricing for Shopping

Posted by chad on July 16, 2014

Tracking App for Smart Shoppers The new SnapUp app allows shoppers to track their favorite items through online retailers. Users take a picture of the item they want to put on their watch list, and then the app keeps track of the item’s price. When price drops occur, the application lets users know in order Read More

Apple and IBM Together For Enterprise Solutions

Posted by chad on

Apple and IBM Partnering for Mobile Solutions IBM and Apple have recently announced a partnership to bring their technology together mobile development. These products will be called “IBM MobileFirst for iOS Solutions”, and will bring the power of Apple’s mobile devices (the iPhone and iPad) to IBM’s enterprise solutions. The companies plan to create apps Read More


Design A T-Shirt On Your Phone

Posted by chad on July 10, 2014

New Japanese App Lets You Design a T-Shirt On Your Phone Japanese fashion company Uniqlo has released a mobile app that allows users to create their own T-shirt designs. Although there are currently quite a few restrictions on what kind of design and T-Shirt can be made, the idea is enjoyable one. What kind of Read More


Android Wearables Get Their First Apps

Posted by chad on July 9, 2014

Apps have come to Android Wearables As the wearable trend comes to fruition, developers have started to create new apps for devices such as smart watches. Some are based on display aspects, such as one app which shows the clock in binary rather than the normal digital or analog. Other apps are game based, and Read More


iTunes U Gets An Upgrade

Posted by chad on July 8, 2014

The New iTunes U The course management application by apple, iTunes U, has received a large update that gives more functionality to teachers and students. Users are now able to participate in private discussions, posts, and assignments. Also, the application has been optimized for a more friendly performance on the iPad for features such as Read More


Smart Robots: Learning to Use the Environment

Posted by chad on

‘Macgyver’ Robots! Robotics engineers from Georgia Tech have presented a new development in the robotic world: robots that have learned how to use the environment around them to their advantage. This is an attribute that humans have always been able to use, and now it has been applied to artificial machines. What do you think Read More


Reading Rainbow Plans to Come Directly to Schools

Posted by chad on July 3, 2014

Reading Rainbow Planning to Be Easily Accesable in Schools After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Reading Rainbow is preparing to produce and distribute the show. In addition to being distributed on multiple platforms (Such as Andriod, Xbox, Playstation, and Apple TV), Levar Burton plans to give free access to around 7,500 classrooms through streaming and Read More


Tetris On a T-Shirt

Posted by chad on

Playable Tetris on a T-Shirt Programmer and designer Mark Kerger created a playable Tetris T-Shirt in honor of the game’s 30th anniversary. GroMobi salutes Mr. Kerger’s programming and design testimony to one of the most memorable, historic computer games. Would you wear a Tetris T-Shirt? Gizmodo: “This is not your normal Tetris fanboy t-shirt, you Read More


iPhones May Soon Dynamically Change Security Settings Based on Location

Posted by chad on

iPhones with Intelligent Security Due to a new patent application published on Thursday, future iPhones may have the ability to dynamically determine security precautions based on its location. For example, if the iPhone detects that its user is at home, the security features will likely be more relaxed. On the other hand, if the iPhone Read More


Google’s New Story Telling Device: The Google Cube

Posted by chad on July 2, 2014

The Google Cube, a New Way to Entertain The new Google Cube is a software that can bring music and storytelling to a different level. Specifically, music and video can be separated and placed onto different sides of an interactive virtual cube. As each side is moved, the user can hear or see the related Read More


Innovative Window Produces Sunlight From Around the World

Posted by chad on

Sun Spots from Around the World CoeLux is an advanced LED lighting system that can emulate sunlight from different parts of the world. This technology works by projecting a full board of LEDs through a blue-tinted pane in different manners to imitate sunlight. This kind of technology can revolutionize underground lighting, therapeutic lighting, and mood Read More


Robotic Stands Make Presentations and Conference Calls More Interactive

Posted by chad on July 1, 2014

Innovation in Conference Calls and Presentations A new product called Swivl presents businesses and people another option for their conference calls and presentations. This robotic mount is connected to smartphones and tablets, and uses built in sensors and cameras to interact with the participants of a phone call or presentation. Specifically, it can turn to Read More


Alternative Currencies Officially Legalized in California

Posted by chad on

Bitcoin and Alternative Currencies Given Government Go-Ahead Alternative currencies such as Bitcoin and Dodgecoin have now been given a legal status in California. This bill also includes tender such as Amazon Coins or Starbucks Stars, which gives ecommerce the potential for a greater foothold in California. Where do you think the next step for alternative Read More


ASUS Reported to be Coming Out With Frugal Smartwatch

Posted by chad on June 30, 2014

Cheapest Smartwatch to Come? Smartwatches are a big trend in the tech industry, and ASUS is responding by bringing a more affordable version to the market. This android smartwatch is reported to be priced as low as $99, which leaves it within the range of more buyers than other smartwatches, such as LG’s G Watch. Read More


Apple Projected to Sell Approximately 80 Million iPhone 6 Units

Posted by chad on June 27, 2014

Phone or Phablet? Apple is expected to sell around 80 million units of the new iPhone 6 expected to be released in September of this year. They are offering both a 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch variety, the former being a classic smartphone size and the latter being dubbed as “phablet” sized (phablet = phone Read More


Hyundai Unveils Car That Can Detect Speed Cameras

Posted by chad on

Hyundai’s Speed Camera Detector Hyundai recently revealed that one of their newest cars will have the capability to detect Speed Cameras and slow down when they are detected. Though the United States does not disclose the locations of speed cameras, this detection still may come in handy in several states. New technology is becoming increasingly Read More


Gatorade Makes Smart Water Bottles for World Cup

Posted by chad on June 26, 2014

Smart Water Bottles for the World Cup Gatorade teamed up with company Smart Design to create smart water bottles that monitor soccer player’s hydration levels in real-time and send the information to the coach. In such a highly competitive sport, each competitive edge can lead to a better performance, which makes this smart water bottle Read More


Nokia’s Smartphone Charging Pants

Posted by chad on

Nokia and British Designer Make Smartphone Charging Pants A new line of wearable technology has been revealed by Nokia and British designer A. Sauvage. These wearable pants allow you to charge your smartphone on the go! Coming soon to Amazon, but they may be a bit pricey. SpringWise: “The trousers take the form of a Read More


McDonalds Testing New Mobile Ordering App

Posted by chad on June 25, 2014

McDonalds Testing New Mobile Ordering App McDonalds is positioning to lead fast food chains into the mobile market with mobile ordering applications. Fast food is already capable of being quick, but now customers can order on the go and decrease their overall wait time. GroMobi is excited by the increasing trend in mobile applications, and Read More


Microsoft Joins the Android Market

Posted by chad on

Microsoft Joins the Android Market Last week, Amazon revealed their own set of smartphones running on Android. Yesterday, Microsoft answered with their own Android hybrid, the Nokia X2. The realm of smartphones and mobile devices continues to grow as more companies join together to create stronger devices. Windows Phone Central: “Microsoft recently teased today’s announcement, Read More


Internet of Things

Posted by chad on May 27, 2014

iOT The Internet of Things Have you heard of the internet of things ? It refers to the new revolution of connected devices, or “wearing the web” Here at GroMobi this is something we are fascinated by. “We’re moving into an era where more and more objects in our everyday lives are going to Read More


iPhone 6 Release Date

Posted by chad on

iPhone 6 could land as early as August Ready to ditch your current iPhone for the latest ? According to some reports, the iPhone 6 is due to launch this August. Check out the details from our friends at Cult of Mac “If you’re counting down the seconds until you can lovingly hold the Read More


Want to follow strangers ?

Posted by chad on

MIT iPhone App Makes You Intimate With A Stranger While most social networks of today are based around linking up with people that you know offline, few focus on introducing you to new people far away. You might be thinking the same thing we are… whats the point ? To date most social networks around Read More


Who are the thought leaders in Enterprise Mobile ?

Posted by chad on

5 Enterprise Mobility Influencers to Follow Want to be up to date on the latest in Enterprise mobile ? Check out Appcelerators latest blog post on the topic. “In a world where 17-year-olds with no coding experience can build a cross-platform smoking cessation app and a field services company can become a mobile app Read More


How much does a mobile app cost to build ?

Posted by chad on

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Successful Mobile App ? Building a mobile app is similar to most everything else when it comes to budget- you get what you pay for. While there are template apps that you can design and build on the web, this few hundred dollars per month probably isn’t Read More


Have you heard of Beacons ?

Posted by chad on

How Beacons Signal Big Changes Have you heard of Beacons ? Well if not they are tiny devices that use bluetooth low energy – up to 100 feet range, and can be used in a multitude of ways. Check out the video below for a bit more information. At GroMobi we are excited to see Read More


WWDC2014: What do you hope Apple releases?

Posted by chad on

WWDC 2014 Predicitions With Apples WWDC just around the corner, June 2nd, there is rampant speculation running around the interet about what Apple will release this year. iOS 8 ? iWearables? Advances with iBeacons? We’re definitely hoping for some advances in the mobile OS as well as some new consumer product lines around wearables. What Read More


Tim Oreily’s take on the Internet of things

Posted by chad on

#IoTH: The Internet of Things and Humans Many people are growing an awareness of what the Internet of Things or Internet of Everything means. Most fail to consider the human element of this. Tim Oreilly gives a great overview, on this very topic. Check it out! ” let’s generalize the #IoT paradigm as sensors Read More

Internet of Things

iOT Thought Leaders

Posted by chad on

The Internet of Things – Top 100 Thought Leaders Want to know where to get good information on the latest with the Internet of Things? Check out this article! “The digital universe continues to expand, doubling in size every two years according to a recent report from IDC and EMC. The Internet of Read More


Discover Robots through iPad App

Posted by chad on

Review: Robots App brings world of robotics to iPad Robotics have always been something to catch people’s eye and imagination. In the near future, mobile apps will become an interface to many pieces of hardware including robotics. This can already be seen happening today with remote control drones and more. Interested in Robots yourself ? Read More


Native iOS apps can now run on Android ?

Posted by chad on

iOS Apps on Android Wish you could have access to iOS apps on your Android devices ? Then this article is for you! We’re interested to see how this continues to grow. “Researchers at Columbia University’s Software Systems Laboratory have developed an “operating system compatibility architecture” that makes it possible to run native iOS Read More


iPhone 6 Will Have Sharper Resolution

Posted by chad on

Big Resolution on the iPhone 6! The iPhone 6 is going to have sharper graphics. Don’t take our word for it… The iPhone 6 will reportedly run at a sharper 1704 x 960 resolution, compared to the 1136 x 640 currently seen in the 4-inch iPhone 5S and 5C. This would be Apple’s answer Read More


Bluetooth Gesture Control: Ring

Posted by chad on

Control your devices with gesture,anywhere Want to control the world around you with the flick of your hand ? Check out this new low energy bluetooth ring that will respond and transmit to gestures, giving you wireless connectivity to engage with apps and devices in a way that is more natural to us as humans. Read More


GroMobi Verizon Innovation in K12 Nominee

Posted by chad on

GroMobi is proud to announce our nomination for Innovation in K12 presented by Verizon, at this year’s 2014 Tech Nite. The event was fantastic, with 300 to 400 attendees, great networking and sense of community. There was a Keynote speech by Karen Jackson, Secretary of Technology in VA, and one of GroMobi’s strategic partner’s, Immerge Read More


The Era of Tech Hardware

Posted by chad on April 24, 2014

Here at GroMobi, we believe we are currently living in the Cambrian Explosion of technology hardware, and we couldn’t be more excited… Hardware is the new software. In an era when anyone can be a maker, manufacturing is like server capacity—it is available to every entrepreneur on the planet. If you can imagine it, you Read More

HF Prototype

High Fidelity Prototypes: An Introduction

Posted by chad on December 24, 2013

In our technologically advanced world, prototyping is becoming more and more popular. Prototyping is the process of creating and delivering a sample of a product in order to get user feedback prior to production. A prototype is a working model built to develop and test design ideas (Landay, Takayama, and Walker). As it relates to Read More


Android Apps

Posted by chad on April 24, 2013

Android is having your cake and eating it too. The developers behind this system created a platform that is numerous in its features and unlimited in its capabilities. The OS has become a cornerstone in the smartphone market for a reason. Customization We are all fans of doing things our own way and the creators Read More


Application Programming Interface (API)

Posted by admin on April 8, 2013

If you have used the Internet in the last few years there is a good chance you have come across an API or “application programming interface”. APIs are all around us, in their simplest function they allow two separate applications to interface with one another. APIs are integral for applications, both mobile and web, to Read More


BackEnd as a Services (BaaS)

Posted by chad on February 22, 2013

Have an idea for a revolutionary app? Before you break ground consider the foundation. The backend that will support the unlimited functionality expected in today’s market is the backbone of any app. The backend is the entirety of the data that a mobile or web application needs to perform. When combined with an API the Read More


Apple: iOS Applications

Posted by admin on January 8, 2013

On June 27th, five years ago, Apple released an operating system that would revolutionize the smartphone industry—Apple iOS. This system, thanks to the release of the iPhone 5, now runs 48.1% of all smartphones on the market compared to 46.7% Android and the rest on Windows or Blackberry. To put this in perspective, iOS not Read More